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05.12.2016 Seeing the world with the eyes of a child

"Stop for a moment in the middle of your busy routines and try to look at the surrounding world through the eyes of a child. Can you see all the different colors?"

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02.12.2016 Interior decoration in China with a Virtual Reality system

Tikkurila China is piloting a new solution for consumers to choose their favorite colors in a creative way. To create the desired style and interior decoration for their homes, customers can choose from apartments of several different styles, change the colors of the walls, choose different painting effects and furniture.

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14.11.2016 Sustainable beauty in Estonia with leftover paints

Every painter knows that after a painting project there is quite often some paint left over. The usual way is to store it for the next painting project. Instead of storing the paint at home or disposing it, one very kind and socially responsible way is to utilize the consumers' leftover paints in various community projects.

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13.10.2016 UPEA16 street art festival creates vibrant colors in Finnish autumn cities

Beautiful murals were painted with Tikkurila's paints in seven cities in Finland.

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