About us

Tikkurila is a Nordic paint company whose products are manufactured of carefully chosen raw materials that meet the highest quality standards. Our vision is to create surfaces that make a difference.


A dedicated community of professionals

Beyond being a paint company, we are a community of talented professionals − skilled individuals from harsh conditions, equipped with an understanding of aesthetics and an affinity for sustainability. We share the same values and joy of building a vivid future through surfaces that make a difference.

Nordic quality from start to finish since 1862

With expertise that spans decades, we develop premium products and services that provide our customers with quality that will stand the test of time and weather. We embrace our market-leading brands and pride ourselves on innovation that is rooted in tradition but looks far into the future.

Sustainable Nordicness

We create surfaces that make a difference. Our surface treatment products last time and challenging weather conditions. We are constantly creating new solutions that are safe to people and our environment. We want to be at the forefront of responsible business and do our part in fostering a cleaner environment and a more colorful planet.


Tikkurila at a glance

  • Established in 1862
  • Approximately 2,400 dedicated professionals
  • Operations in 11 countries
  • 7 production facilities in 6 countries
  • Products available in more than 40 countries
  • Largest markets: Russia, Finland, Sweden, Poland and China
  • Revenue: EUR 582 million
  • Adjusted operating profit: EUR 63.8 million
  • Owned by PPG as of June 2021

Tikkurila's market position

    # 1 in Finland, Sweden, Russia, Poland and the Baltic countries*
    # 7 in Europe**
    # 25 in the world***

Based on revenue
*In decorative paints 
**European Coatings Journal 
***Coatings World 


Products and services for consumers and professionals

Tikkurila offers a broad range of decorative paints for consumers and professionals for surface protection and decoration. The product offering includes, among others, interior paints, lacquers, and effect products, exterior products for wood, masonry, and metal surfaces, as well as services related to painting. In addition, Tikkurila produces paints and coatings for the metal and wood industries. Tikkurila's business highlights strong brands, generated through high-quality and long-term product development and considerable marketing investments. Tikkurila's brands include, among others, Tikkurila, Alcro, Teks, Vivacolor and Beckers* in decorative products. In addition to the strong brands, important factors in our operations include a functioning and extensive distribution network, diverse services and an efficient supply chain.

Consumers and professionals are the end users of Tikkurila’s products and services. Consumers (mainly so-called DIY, or do-it-yourself, customers) and professionals (contractors, designers, house managers, construction companies, developers, influencers, industrial customers) are primarily served through different hardware stores or smaller paint stores. Industrial customers are served either directly or through the Tikkurila Industrial Paint Service retailer network. 

*Beckers only in decorative paints in certain countries in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. 

Tikkurila sells decorative paints primarily to home improvement stores, paint store chains, and independent paint retailers that re-sell Tikkurila’s products to consumers. In Scandinavia, Tikkurila also has its own paint stores. Tikkurila’s industrial coatings are sold either directly to customers or through the Tikkurila Industrial Paint Service retailer network. Only authorized industrial coating retailers are allowed to use Tikkurila Industrial Paint Service brand.