Product safety

Product safety and quality are among the cornerstones of Tikkurila's operations. We guide our own personnel, as well as, our customers and partners in the safe and sustainable use of our products – because paints are safe when user guides and safety instructions are adhered to. 

Our safety work starts with assessing raw materials. We systematically study and investigate the health and environmental effects of the raw materials used in our products. Employees specializing in product safety calculate the hazardous properties of products used in compliance with instructions, based on the raw material information, and the paint formula. The properties are indicated in the paint safety data sheet and with product label warnings

The chemical industry is tightly regulated. The strict environmental and safety requirements and improved legislation place new demands on our products. This has increased Tikkurila’s responsibility to inform consumers of product health, environmental and safety implications. We actively participate in the work of paint-industry associations at both a national and EU level. Among others, the following international regulations govern our paint production, product safety, as well as paint handling and marketing:

  • REACH regulation
  • CLP regulation
  • VOC directives
  • Biocide regulation