Product and service development

Tikkurila produces paints that have been appreciated by our customers for almost 160 years. We have made efforts in replacing solvents with water where possible, whilst maintaining the high performance level of our products. Our next goal is to replace fossil-based materials in our production chain with sustainable alternatives. We have also developed  our services to help customers minimize paint waste and appropriately recycle products and packaging.

Our priority is to ensure that production is safe and that our products meet strict quality and safety requirements. We are developing easy to use, quick-to-apply, and durable products that prolong the service life for surfaces and enable longer periods between repainting. 

At the same time, we are responding to more stringent regulations and restrictions in product ingredients and labelling, as well as to our stakeholders’ increasing demand for sustainable products.

We are therefore committed to thoroughly investigating the net impact of our products and to gathering as much information as possible to guide our product development choices.