Materiality assessment in products

Tikkurila produces paints for a variety of purposes and surfaces. The paints we produce are high quality and offer lasting coverage for treated surfaces. The surface protection properties of our paints help to extend the service life of surface materials. By providing the best possible protection, durability, and opacity to the treated surface, we are able to reduce the environmental impact of a building during its life cycle. In addition, our services, phone support, chat bots and training centre help our customers choose the most suitable product and treatment for any conditions. 

A non-negotiable rule of our product development is to guarantee that the products we develop meet the strict safety requirements set for paint and coatings. Sacrificing quality when developing our products' sustainability performance is not an option, nor does it support the environmental life-cycle performance of coated surfaces. Our systematic product sustainability development delivers products and systems that are easy and fast to apply, safe and sustainable highlighting the long-life cycle of surfaces, longer maintenance painting intervals and cost efficiency.

“By better understanding the environmental impact of our products, we are able to make decisions that are more likely to ensure a positive net impact on the environment over the whole life cycle of our products.”– Meri Vainikka, Senior Vice President, Offering.