Advisory services

As part of reducing our environmental impact, Tikkurila offers its customers consulting services to choose the right product for any surface. Selecting high-quality paint appropriate for the surface material is crucial in reducing the maintenance need of the painted surface and extending the service life of the object, structure, or building. 

Paint Line

Tikkurila's Paint Line service has been operating for more than 20 years. It helps consumers in Finland, Russia, and Poland with questions about painting work and paint selection.

There are more than 65,000 annual inquiries. Advice is available free of charge via telephone, email, website, and chat service. 

In addition to traditional written instructions, colour charts, and demonstration images, Paint Line also offers tutorial videos and design programmes.

Paint Line employees also train professionals such as sales personnel at paint shops, professional painters, and designers.

Paint Calculator 

Tikkurila’s website includes a Paint Calculator to help estimate the amount of paint needed and guides for correct storage and recovery. There you will also find instructions for cleaning tools and recycling paint and packaging waste, among other things.

Building Coach

Easy-to-use and free software for surfaces design is available to designers and architects. With the help of the Tikkurila Building Coach software, architects can ensure that surface treatments in their buildings comply with environmental requirements. 

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