Reporting history

For Tikkurila, corporate responsibility means long-span operations covering the entire organization. All Tikkurila Group companies have their own history and long traditions, which oblige them to work actively for progress. Ultimately, the success of Tikkurila is dependent on individuals taking personal responsibility in their daily work.


In 1992, the Vantaa site committed to the global Responsible Care program of the chemical industry.

In 1994, Tikkurila published its first environmental report of the year 1993, regarding the Vantaa site.

Since 1996, Alcro-Beckers AB in Sweden has had its own environmental policy, the practical implementation of which closely corresponds to the principles of the Responsible Care program. The Tallinn site, currently AS Tikkurila, has been involved in the RC cooperation since 2001.

A new, more comprehensive Environmental, Health and Safety program was established for the years 1996-2000.

In 1996, Tikkurila was the first Finnish company, and the third paint company in Europe to have its Vantaa site registered in the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

In 2001, a Corporate Social Responsibility program was confirmed for the Tikkurila Group. Its principles were followed in all companies, while still taking into account the local circumstances and special characteristics.

Of the years 2006 and 2007, Tikkurila produced a Corporate Social Responsibility report applying the GRI guidelines. These reports included the above mentioned environmental statement, some group-level indicators and case studies.

In addition to Tikkurila's own group-level and site specific reports, information concerning Tikkurila was also included in Kemira Oyj reporting in 1994–2009.

At the beginning of 2010, the Tikkurila Group took into use a Corporate Responsibility program, with the central idea to help customers make sustainable choices.

Since 2010, Tikkurila Group reports about its corporate responsibility in compliance with the GRI guidelines. The indicators of Tikkurila's Corporate Responsibility program are included, partly applied, in the GRI report indicators. The GRI reporting replaces the EMAS reporting of the Vantaa site.

In 2010–2014, Tikkurila’s Corporate Responsibility report was compiled based on the GRI G3 guidelines. Since 2015, the report has contained Standard Disclosures from the GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. An independet thrid party has provided assurance on the economic, social and environmental performance indicators in the report.