Sustainability programme

At Tikkurila, we are driving our products and services towards maximum performance, whilst striving to minimise any negative environmental impact. ‘A Colourful Tomorrow’ is our Sustainability Programme, through which we develop our sustainability efforts in a strategic and systematic way.

Our Sustainability Programme is built upon key sustainability issues identified in our value chain. We assess factors such as environmental, ethical, and social aspects, as well as financial and economic implications. For these targeted key areas, objectives and necessary actions have been identified, a timetable has been set, and oversight and responsibility roles have been appointed. 

Monitoring the progress of Tikkurila’s Sustainability Programme relies on a series of Sustainability key performance indicators. Quarterly performance reviews monitor our progress against the set targets. The consolidated Sustainability performance is quarterly presented to our management and shared with other internal stakeholders. A quarterly performance report summarises our progress for each of our three value chain phases: Sourcing, Operations, and Products & Services.