Sustainable products and services

Tikkurila’s mission is to provide safe and high-quality paints and coatings to consumers, professionals, and industrial use. The product range includes interior and exterior paints, varnishes and effect paints for indoor use and paints for wood, mineral, and metal surfaces for outdoor use. In connection to our products, we also offer an array of painting-related services.

Our product portfolio includes 11 brands and more than 1,500 products. Our premium quality brands are Tikkurila, Alcro and Beckers in decorative paints. We are proud to say that our portfolio contains over 300 eco-labelled products, including international or national eco-labels, allergy or asthma certifications or the M1 classification. These classifications help us to choose products that are better for the environment, health and safety. Eco-labels increase our customers' knowledge regarding environmental and health impact of paints and their product characteristics, as well as indicate their proven safety characteristics.