Sustainable products and services

Tikkurila provides safe and high-quality paints and coatings to consumers, professionals, and industrial use. The product range includes interior and exterior paints, varnishes, and effect paints for indoor use and paints for wood, mineral, and metal surfaces for outdoor use. In connection to our products, we also offer many painting-related services.

We offer premium quality brands to our customers. Our product portfolio includes 11 brands and more than 1,500 products.

Sustainability is a key part of the value promise of our products. The paints we produce are of high quality and offer lasting coverage for treated surfaces. Tikkurila's paints and coatings are always optimised for their intended use. 

The surface protection properties of our paints help to extend the service life of coated materials. By providing the best possible protection, durability, and opacity to the treated surface, we can reduce the environmental impact of a building during its life cycle. In addition, we help our customers to choose the best-suited product and treatment for any condition.
Our portfolio contains over 350 eco-labelled products, including international or national eco-labels, allergy or asthma certifications, or the M1 classification. 

The intended use determines the required properties, which determines the ingredients of the paint formula.


'A Colourful Tomorrow' is Tikkurila's Sustainability programme, through which we are able to develop our responsibility efforts in a strategic manner. It also defines the goals and indicators of our responsibility.

Our goal is to continuously increase the share of waterborne and eco-labelled products in our portfolio. We want to be the most wanted paint producer for green building.

Sustainability, targets and performance chart

Waterborne paints

Tikkurila is a pioneer in developing waterborne decorative products, and their share of all decorative paints sold is already 89.5 %. Our ability to use waterborne chemistry without compromising performance results from comprehensive and extensive product research and development over many years.

Tikkurila wants to make more and more sustainable products in the future. That means, among other things, further increasing the production of waterborne paints. Our goal is that by 2030, 99% of our decorative paints sold in Europe will be waterborne. The target applies to commercial and construction paints in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Besides being environmentally friendly, waterborne paints also have a milder odour, better durability, faster drying time, and better coverage. They are easier to clean without using detergents. 

Due to the low emissions of waterborne paints, the indoor air quality will remain better and the risk of allergy is significantly lower, because waterborne paints mainly evaporate water. The surface of a waterborne paint also keeps its gloss and colour saturation for longer.

share of waterborne and eco-labelled products in sales

Product safety

Product safety and quality are among the cornerstones of Tikkurila's operations. We guide our own personnel, as well as, our customers and partners in the safe and sustainable use of our products – because paints are safe when user guides and safety instructions are adhered to. 

We systematically study and investigate the health and environmental effects of the raw materials used in our products. The properties are indicated in the paint safety data sheet and product label warnings. 

The chemical industry is tightly regulated. The strict environmental and safety requirements and improved legislation place new demands on our products. This has increased Tikkurila’s responsibility to inform consumers of product health, environmental, and safety implications. We actively participate in the work of paint-industry associations at both a national and EU level. Among others, the following international regulations govern our paint production, product safety, as well as paint handling and marketing:


Tinting makes it possible to create a certain color in paint. A large amount of the paints used by consumers and professionals are tinted in the store by the retailer. Tinting of paints offers numerous benefits to the store, consumer and Tikkurila, but also to the environment.

Tinting is an economical and ecological way to produce thousands of colours in store by the retailer. As each colour is mixed in store to suit customer preferences, our tinting system completely eliminates waste forms that occur with ready-made colours, such as producing excess quantities.

Tinting also generates clear logistical benefits compared to delivering ready-made colours. Tikkurila's paint production process is simplified by focusing on the production of white and clear base paints. Also, the quantity of paint cans is optimised for both Tikkurila's and our retailer’s warehouses. 

Tinting also allows us to respond quicker to customer requirements, such as the demand for new trend colours.
You can read more about Tikkurila's sustainability in our Sustainability Report