People sustainability

At Tikkurila, we want to act according to our values – Trustworthy, Innovative, and Professional.
Tikkurila people


Tikkurila employs about 2,400 professionals. Production facilities are located in Finland, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Estonia, and Kazakhstan. Approximately half of Tikkurila’s employees work in the supply chain and just over a third in sales, marketing, and technical support. 

We invest in performance and competency management, employee development, and improving leadership work and pay special attention to the wellbeing and safety of our employees. In addition to laws and regulations, our employees are guided by our values and code of conduct.

We offer opportunities for professionals in many different fields, from chemists to salespeople, from process experts to IT people. Now that Tikkurila is part of the global PPG, we can offer more international career opportunities.


Tikkurila wants to be a safe place to work for everyone – our employees, contractors, and partners. We always put safety first in our operations. We actively promote a culture that emphasises safety and develop risk assessment and preventive action strategies.

The occupational health and safety of employees are constantly monitored, and necessary measures are initiated based on results. In our practical safety work, we invest in training, active dialogue, inspection tours, health and safety observations, as well as internal and external audits. Significant measures are also the continuous improvement of tools and equipment and improving work ergonomics.

Every employee can report safety observations and incidents through our SafeTi reporting system. All accidents are analysed, and corrective actions are identified. Experiences gained from significant events are openly shared and reviewed at all production facilities.

The occupational health & safety history data re-stated according to current scope of the company.

Feedback and development

We believe that happy, healthy, and motivated employees want to develop in their work and actively participate in the continuous development of our products and operations. Employees are regularly asked to express their opinions and provide feedback. A personnel survey measures commitment, leadership, and performance in the company. Based on the results, action plans are drawn up and carried out at the team, functional, and group levels.

All white-collar employees and their supervisors hold annual goal, development, and performance appraisal meetings. They help improve leadership and harmonise management practices in all operating countries. According to country-specific practices, we follow goal setting, performance management, and individual development of blue-collar employees.