Approach to sustainability

Responsibility and sustainable development play a significant role in our business development, supporting our growth objectives and strengthening our market position. For decades, Tikkurila has persistently developed and promoted high-quality and user-friendly surface treatment solutions that are safe for both people and the environment. Quality, durability, and safety are our guiding principles – for raw material selection and product development, throughout our operations and the use of our products as well as in the cooperation with our stakeholders.

Our sustainability programme “A Colourful Tomorrow” provides us a framework for responsible and sustainable business development. We promote sustainable development and take environmental, financial, and social aspects into account in our day-to-day work, as well as in our strategic business development and in strengthening our market position. 

We want to ensure that our operations comply with the norms and standards of international and national responsible business, and that we work with business partners who share our values. We follow the development of tightening environmental and safety standards and legislation, and actively participate in the work of paint-industry associations at both national and EU level. 

“We have already spent decades paying great attention to the safety of our paints and reducing the negative environmental impacts of our production. Resource efficiency has also always been part of Tikkurila’s operations. Today, these activities continue to be the cornerstones of our work” says Elisabet Sahlin, Sustainability Manager, Sweden.