Tikkurila is a leading Nordic paint industry professional known for its high-quality surface treatment products and expert services. Our aim is to ensure the best possible user experience in the market. Strong brands, a culture of service, sustainable solutions and market leadership are among our most important competitive advantages.

Tikkurila’s focus is on carefully selected customers, certain geographical areas and its own strong brands.

  • Tikkurila serves consumers, painting professionals and selected industrial sectors.
  • Tikkurila operates in the Nordic countries, Russia, selected Eastern European and Central Asian countries as well as in China. 
  • Tikkurila invests in its own strong brands and focuses on premium paints.


We have updated our strategy for 2018–2022. During the next five years, our focus will be on improving the customer experience in surface treatment. We want to stand out even more by providing a successful end-result to our customers, and to make this more clearly our competitive edge. Understanding our customers’ needs will guide all our operations in the future. Customer experience is contributed throughout our operations, covering everything from product and service development and innovation, the supply chain to the shops, communication and marketing.


Mission and customer promise

“Nordic quality from start to finish” i.e. we want to offer the best customer experience in surface treatment.


”Surfaces that make a difference”.
Our vision includes all megatrends that affect Tikkurila and gives a clear direction for the long-term development of the company. We not only want to offer products that protect and decorate surfaces but also to develop more solutions and materials to make our customers’ work easier and more efficient. Tikkurila want to answer customers' needs about more durable, functional and environmentally friendly surfaces.

Strategic focus areas

We have defined three focus areas for the five-year strategy period:
Segment-specific customer journeys. We divide our three main customer segments – consumers, professionals and industrial customers – into smaller target groups and study the decision-making processes of each group, right from the idea or need to the decision and purchase. We will make each customer journey as pleasant and professional as possible. Our goal is to facilitate and support the customer's journey in all its stages in a way that is relevant to the customer. The development of digital services plays a key role in all of our segments in order to make our customers’ decision-making and product use easier.
Creation of a harmonized portfolio. We will unify our portfolios for each customer segment throughout our operating area. We will make our customers’ choice easier by reducing the number of alternative products. We leverage our expertise and the best products and concepts. We will invest more in launching innovations that change the market, and we will drive for more sustainable portfolio. We will base our product and service development on market and customer research and on needs analyses derived from them.
More efficient use of resources. We will improve our cost competitiveness and overall operational quality by reorganizing or operations. We will clarify decision-making and responsibilities, and eliminate overlaps. We will make better use of our expertise and increase cooperation across countries. We will optimize our production and logistics network, and increase productivity.

Profitable growth

Our objective is to grow profitably. We look for versatile growth in different product groups and geographical areas. The focus is on organic growth generated by strong brands. Furthermore, we explore actively the possibility of focused acquisitions and alliances.

Tikkurila operates in the Nordic countries, Russia and selected Eastern European and Asian countries. We work to strengthen our market share in our current markets of the paint business and look for growth in those markets, in particular, where our market share is still small.

In 2017, Tikkurila initiated an extensive program to boost profitability. The program is aimed at generating at least EUR 30 million in savings. Improved cost competitiveness will support Tikkurila in seeking new growth opportunities.

Sustainability promises

Tikkurila’s Corporate Responsibility program “A Colorful Tomorrow” provides Tikkurila with a framework for responsible and sustainable development. In 2018, Tikkurila will renew its Corporate Responsibility program, and together with key business personnel, has defined concrete sustainability customer promises in line with its updated strategy. These promises will guide the company sustainability initiatives and support the business development from the sustainability point-of-view.

The sustainability promises are

  • We drive our portfolio towards maximized performance with minimum environmental impact.
  • We improve and protect air quality with our products and professional services.
  • We drive at better resource efficiency with quality, safety and durability on top of our minds. 
  • We are a responsible and active partner in our communities.



Our values—trustworthiness, innovativeness, and professionalism—steer our operations and support sustainable activities. They come alive in decision-making situations every day, on both small and large scales.

We Are Trustworthy

trustworthy  We create and offer quality brands, services, and products that people can trust are safe, reliable, and environmentally sustainable.

We Are Innovative

innovativive   We drive change in the market and offer novel solutions for our customers' needs.

We Are Professionals

professionals   We add value to our customers, owners,  and the community - every day.