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Tinting becomes more sustainable

Avatint Plus colourants by PPG Tikkurila will be available in new, sustainable packaging. We will pack the colourants in bags because we want sustainable packaging that is easy to use and transport with a view to reducing both packaging and colourant waste.


Packing colourants in bags has many benefits. Thanks to the new packaging, less colourant is wasted because the bags can be easily squeezed empty. Previously, colourants were packed in bottles that were difficult to empty completely.

Packing colourants in bags also requires less storage space, as empty bags take up notably less space than empty bottles.

The stickers on the bags make it easier for the retailers tinting the paints to identify the colourant. A part of the sticker can be detached and attached onto the canister of dispenser. The stickers help in identifying the production batch and the best before date. Furthermore, it is easy to see from the cap if the bag has been opened and the quality of the product may have been compromised.

“Avatint Plus products do not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC) and only small amounts of semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOC). This reduces the chemical exposure of retailers tinting the paints and minimises the release of VOC and SVOC substances into the atmosphere,” says Joonas Auvinen, Director for Service, Portfolio and Strategy Professionals at PPG Tikkurila. “Avatint Plus colourants and the new packaging also support our sustainability goals,” he continues.

The many benefits of tinting

Avatint Plus colourants can be used to tint different kinds of decorative products, including both waterborne and solvent-borne paints. The selection includes both organic and inorganic colourants.

“The production and use of Avatint Plus colourants will soon increase now that Tikkurila has merged with PPG. We are currently starting the production of Avatint Plus colourants at PPG’s factory in Wroclaw, Poland, and our plan is to utilize the technology later more widely inside PPG,” Auvinen says.

Tinting offers many benefits for the retailer, consumer, PPG Tikkurila and, above all, the environment. Tinting the paints at the retail unit according to the customer’s wishes prevents the excess production of pre-tinted paints. Furthermore, tinting has clear logistical benefits compared to producing pre-tinted paints. The production process focuses on white and clear paints, which enables optimising the number of paint cans based on the storage requirements of both PPG Tikkurila and the retailers.

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Joonas Auvinen, Director, Service, Portfolio and Strategy Professionals


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