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Tikkurila’s innovation speeds up work and reduces costs in façade construction

Finngard Thick Render insulation system’s durable and affordable steel fastener has been designed to help contractors’ work. Only about half as many of such new fasteners are required, saving time and money during construction.


Thick render insulation systems suitable for northern conditions have been used in Finland for more than 30 years, but this new fastener developed by Tikkurila is the first innovation on the market for this specific use that brings considerable cost savings. Since the fasteners have excellent load-bearing capacity, you need far less of them than in other equivalent systems. The stainless steel fastener contains no plastic parts that become brittle in cold conditions, meaning that there are no problems in winter either.

“Our prime objective was to make contractors’ work easier. We designed a fastener of which you do not need even half as many as in other systems. This shortens the installation time considerably, meaning that both the contractor and client save money,” says Matti Kumpulainen, Tikkurila project sales manager in Finland.

The new fastener was developed in cooperation with the facade team of A-Insinöörit Suunnittelu Oy and the contractor’s representatives. The fastener’s properties were studied especially in terms of strength calculations and cold bridge effects.

“While the weight per square meter on a plaster system is generally 50–60 kilograms, the new fastener has double the capacity. The number of fasteners is of course determined case by case, and it is affected by any detailed plans of the target,” says Jani Humalajoki of A-Insinöörit, who was in charge of the strength calculations during the development process.

Not only is the load capacity high, but the fastener is also cost-effective and easy to use. The savings come from optimized materials and quantities: All components of the Finngard Thick Render fastener are made of stainless steel which, owing to its capacity and durability, is a work-saving choice, and is also suitable for construction during the winter.

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