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Tikkurila strengthens its sustainable fire protection portfolio with top-class Fontefire WF Clear for wooden surfaces

Wood has increased its popularity in buildings’ architectural elements because of its natural beauty. To offer the highest possible level of fire protection for these interior softwood surfaces, Tikkurila launches a water-borne fire-retardant Fontefire WF Clear lacquer.


Not only does Fontefire WF Clear enhance the beauty of the treated surfaces, but it also enables wood to be used in interiors with the most stringent fire-safety requirements, such as hospitals and schools. When subjected to heat, Fontefire WF Clear expands and forms an insulating layer of foam with the highest fire reaction class for wood material according to the EU standard (EN 13501-1). It can be applied on any wooden surfaces that require fire protection, including elements such as walls, roofs, and panels. Its fast-drying time increases efficiency and reduces costs on application lines.

Because Fontefire WF Clear is water-borne, it also has a low odor and low volatile organic compound (VOC) content. Therefore, the product has a positive impact on indoor air quality and it contributes to a safer working environment. Fontefire WF Clear highlights the beauty of softwood. Its transparent white color shade follows the grain, while its high solids content reduces swelling of the wood fibers to create a smooth and durable finish.

“Fontefire WF Clear is an ideal choice for softwood for its high-quality end-result and efficient application process. It is a valuable addition to our sustainable fire protection offering which has been developed by our product development professionals in Finland based on our customer needs with respect to the characteristics of the natural wooden surfaces. Superior wood protection will be our focus in product development also in the future,” says Arto Nummela, Group Portfolio Development Manager for Wood, Industry at Tikkurila Oyj.

Fontefire WF Clear at a glance

  •  The highest fire reaction class (B-s1, d0) possible for wood material
  •  Water-borne, low odor and low VOC content
  •  Transparent white color shade amplifying the natural look
  •  Full matt gloss grade
  •  Dries both in ovens and in room temperature environments
  •  Apply with vacuum, airless spray, air-assisted airless spray or brush machine
  •  Apply total amount 200g/m2 wet lacquer with two layers
  •  Used either alone or as a system with Akvilac WF 10 top lacquer

Download the Fontefire WF Clear brochure

Further information:

Tikkurila Oyj
Arto Nummela
Group Portfolio Development Manager
Wood, Industry
Tel. +358 20 191 2059

Nina Kaijasilta
PR, Group Communications
Tel. +358 40 757 3259

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