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Tikkurila to seek growth in new export markets


The Finland-based Tikkurila Oyj aims at a significant expansion of its business operations in the coming years. Growth is also being sought, alongside current export markets, on totally new geographical areas. In addition to conventional paints and coatings, functional coatings are considered to be in a key position when opening up new business opportunities.

Tikkurila is participating in the BIG 5 International Building & Construction Show in Dubai, due to open today. The BIG 5, held at Dubai World Trade Center, November 23–26, 2015, is the largets construction event in the Middle East, with over 2,800 exhibitors worldwide.

During the show, Tikkurila will demonstrate, for example, Tikkurila ClimateCooler, an intelligent roof-paint system, which has been designed to enhance energy efficiency of buildings. A roof treated with Tikkurila ClimateCooler reflects solar radiation into space, which reduces the need for air conditioning and thus decreases both the energy bill and environmental impact. Tikkurila ClimateCooler has been listed in the 2015 publication of Sustainia100 and named as one the top 100 sustainable solutions globally.

Tikkurila will also demonstrate the following unique solutions for both professional customers and private consumers during the BIG 5 show:

Drytech Functional Coatings, products to fight moisture, noise and asbestos.

ClimateCooler, a waterborne solar-reflection coating that reflects solar radiation back into space and reduces the need for air conditioning.

Waterborne industrial paints and coatings for various industries and on-site applications.

Duett, a modern collection of wallpapers with perfectly matching paints containing 18 unique combinations.

Effect surfaces for interior walls, created by using Tikkurila paint products with different colors and gloss grades as well as painting techniques. A specially designed BIG 5 edition with a combination of 48 different effect surfaces will be on display.

Today, Tikkurila operates mostly in Europe and Asia: the company has an organization of its own in 16 countries, and its products are available in approximately 40 countries. Janno Paju, Chief Commercial Officer at Tikkurila, says: “Based on our strategy, we want to find new export markets and boost our international growth. I believe that innovations such as Tikkurila ClimateCooler will be in demand in the rapidly growing market in the Middle East.”

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