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Tikkurila introduces Color of the Year 2021: Cumulus embraces a collective feeling of hope

Tikkurila’s color of the year is Y354 Cumulus, a calm, light blue main hue representing a brighter future. The color and color collection instil hope and invite people to contribute and be part of shaping a better tomorrow. “Keep going. Blue skies ahead”, it says. 


Press release
November 13, 2020

Underlying theme behind the Color Now 2021 is rebuilding hope. 

“For us, rebuild is about maintaining a belief in contributing and making a positive difference”, says Irina Hanhisalo, Color Category Manager at Tikkurila. “It instils hope and inspires people to do their best during challenging times and patiently look ahead towards a brighter tomorrow. At a time when many things seem unsure or unpredictable, we want to instil hope in rebuilding a brighter future and better tomorrow.” 

Blue is generally seen as a calming color. Like a breath of fresh summer air, Y354 Cumulus light blue is an easy-to-love colour for almost any interior.  

“Blue embraces a collective feeling of hope. And now more than ever, hope is what we need to start rebuilding for the future. Blue is a calming and confident color for those waiting for sunshine after rain”, describes Hanhisalo.  

This time the Color of the Year was chosen as a result of internal discussions and expertise. As a leading Nordic paint company Tikkurila is used to explore and analyze current and future trends. The company has over 100 years of experience in curating colors.  

“We have a wide range of colors and unlimited possibilities to combine them. Our vision is to be a thought leader in colors: we want to encourage people to use colors, offer them color inspiration and help our customers achieve the perfect result through our wide range of colors.” 

Color Now 2021 collection 

Tikkurila has chosen a collection of colours around the Color of the Year offering inspiration and design opportunities and making it easy to combine colors and accents. With one exception to the rule, the hues in the 2021 collection reflect the beauty and energy of nature and draws inspiration from the sky and sea, beautiful sunsets and the colourful diversity of the plant kingdom. It also includes earthy shades, hints of stone and rocks as well as shades of bark and sand. 

“By showcasing our curated palette for 2021, we aim to spark people’s imagination in painting and decorating their homes. A colour alone is not enough, the interest comes from how it is combined in a new way. We want to help people to get creative and be successful by providing them with a set of harmonised shades that already go well together from the start”, says Hanhisalo. 

Color Now is Tikkurila’s own platform for delivering the latest interesting and thought evoking colors and topics to its customers. With this initiative Tikkurila wants to inspire people to create a beautiful everyday life and explore new colourful opportunities. Tikkurila has launched Color Now and the Color of the Year since 2016. 

Photos of the Color of the Year and related collection 

For more information, please contact: 

Irina Hanhisalo, Color Category Manager, Tikkurila  

Heidi Hirvelä, Marketing Manager, Tikkurila  

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