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Tikkurila Corporation: SHARE REPURCHASE 16.2.2015

Tikkurila Corporation      Stock Exchange Release 16.2.2015

SHARE REPURCHASE           16.2.2015

In the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki

Trade date                 16.2.2015

Bourse trade               Buy

Share                      TIK1V

Amount                     2 500                  Shares

Total cost                 42 930,75              EUR

Average price/ share       17.1723                EUR

Highest price/ share       17.29                  EUR

Lowest price/ share        17.10                  EUR

Tikkurila Corporation now holds a total of 82 000 shares

including the shares repurchased on 16.2.2015

On behalf of Tikkurila Corporation

Nordea Bank Finland Plc

Janne Sarvikivi            Julius Summanen