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Tikkurila Color of the Year 2023 is Rosy Moment

PPG Tikkurila has introduced the Color of the Year 2023 and the Color Now 2023 collection. Color of the Year 2023 is V413 Rosy Moment – color that represents warmth, empathy and being kind to the people around you. Everyday turns into ‘rosy moment’ when you have your best people around you.


In the world of endless style, trend and colour choices we want to lift and emphasize something that has true feeling as a starting point. Being together and taking care of one another increases joy and happiness. We find meaningfulness by being there for other people.

It’s also very much about what Tikkurila as a brand represents. We want to bring thoughtful colours to homes and spaces we live in. Everyday turns into ‘Rosy moment’ when you have your best people around you.

“During the past few years, we’ve been drawn apart. We’ve spent time in our own little circles. Now it’s time to come together, to rebuild the feeling of community and let humanity and empathy blossom. Life on earth is intertwined. We cannot survive alone and can thrive only when together. We share a bond, which gives us meaning,” says Irina Hanhisalo, Colour Category Manager.

Having a rosy moment means finding a connection with someone and feeling at home with one another.

Through the entire Color Now 2023 collection, we encourage everyone to be inspired by these meaningful encounters and the emotions they evoke in us. As a company, we want to express a positive outlook on life and strengthen the brand’s foothold as a forerunner in colour trends.

Color Now is PPG Tikkurila’s own platform for delivering the latest interesting and thought evoking colours and topics to its customers. Tikkurila Color Now and the Colour of the Year have been launched since 2016.

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Irina Hanhisalo, Colour Category Manager


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