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Tikkurila celebrates the 100-year-old Finland with a color card covering the whole country


Next year will be the centenary of Finland’s independence. Tikkurila is one of the official partners of the Finland 100 centenary. To celebrate the year, Tikkurila has looked into the favorite colors of Finnish houses and will compile them into a color card covering the whole of Finland. Tikkurila also invites the Finnish people to participate in the creation of this color collection.

The official theme of the Finland 100 centenary year is “Together”. This will also be reflected in Tikkurila’s campaign. Colors will be one of Tikkurila’s Finland 100 campaign themes. Tikkurila will reveal the favorite colors of Finnish houses in its brochure “Suomalaisten talojen värit” (Finnish House Colors), which will be released in the spring of 2017. Have the all-time Finnish favorites, yellow and red, stood the test of time, or is the Finnish landscape now colored with more modern shades?

Thanks to its 150-year history and position as a pioneer of colors and tinting, Tikkurila has amassed plenty of tried and tested knowledge on this issue. “Our long history and technology provide us with comprehensive insights into the favorite colors of the Finnish people across the decades. Since colors always involve a human aspect, we do not want to stick to data alone. Instead, we want to continue the story of the color card by sharing the personal experiences of ordinary people,” says Marketing Manager Sari Kallio from Tikkurila Finland.

“We will divide the country into several geographic regions to illustrate regional differences. We aim to collect a number of photographs of houses in each area, to provide a unique reference bank for everyone in Finland.”

The consumer campaign around the Finnish color card will take place in spring and summer 2017. Furthermore, Tikkurila will introduce Finland 100 products for both exterior and interior painting.

Art for as many as possible

To further celebrate the centenary, Tikkurila will donate murals to several locations in order to decorate and liven up the everyday environments of Finnish people. The murals will be designed and painted in various places around the country by Finnish artists. The murals will be painted in the summer and fall of 2017.

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