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Besides its current export markets, Tikkurila Oyj seeks growth on totally new geographical areas such as the Middle East. At the same time, the company wishes to introduce its Nordic approach to surface treatment, something that is also manifested in the new corporate social responsibility program A Colorful Tomorrow. We drive sustainable beauty, and provide colourful experiences using the limited resources of nature and society in a sustainable manner. We are pioneers of sustainable painting, surface treatment and use of colors, and we do it responsibly.

On the concrete level this means that we extend the service life of various buildings and structures by protecting them with surface treatment materials that have been produced in a sustainable manner and that are safe to both users and the environment. Alongside products and services, Tikkurila also promotes methods, solutions and systems. Its paints and coatings carry environmental labels or are otherwise officially approved, and its coating systems have been standardized. They are thus suitable for use over the world in a flexible way.

During the THE BIG 5, International Building & Construction Show, due to start today in Dubai, Tikkurila will demonstrate, for example, a selection of finishes for use in saunas and spas, special effects for interior walls, innovative products for protecting terraces and other wooden structures, functional coatings, individual design floors and coating systems for the metal industry.

The following solutions for private consumers and professional customers will be shown on the stand 8 F361:

– The Supi range for creating different atmospheres and protecting surfaces in sauna and spa premises.

– Effect surfaces for interior walls, made by using Tikkurila paint products with different colors and gloss grades as well as painting techniques; a combination of 16 different effect surfaces will be on display.

– Valtti Plus Kesto Wood Stain and Valtti Plus Terrace Oil for providing superior weather resistance for wooden structures.

– ClimateCooler, a water-borne solar-reflection coating that reflects solar radiation back into space and thus reduces the need for air conditioning.

– Drytech Functional Coatings, products to fight moisture, noise and asbestos.

– Design floor techniques to help create more individual and colorful floors without compromising durability.

– Water-borne industrial paints and coatings for various industries and on-site applications.

During the last year’s THE BIG 5 show, Tikkurila made valuable contacts, of which some have already found good use. The company now has an importer in the United Arab Emirates: GTV Global that together with Tikkurila participates in this largest event of construction business in the area. The Dubai-based GTV Global, a conglomerate acting in the Gulf Region, has included paints and coatings in its selection of building materials.

Today, Tikkurila operates mostly in Europe and Asia, and its products are available in approx. 40 countries. Jarkko Mattila, Group Export Director, says: “We have introduced a new alternative to the Middle East markets: Tikkurila, a Nordic quality brand. THE BIG 5 show, which is the main event for the construction business in the area, is the natural venue for launching our brand to the big audience. There is clearly a demand for our innovative products in the local market, and we believe we can get a bigger foothold in the few coming years.”

Further information:

Jarkko Mattila, Export Director, Tikkurila Oyj

Cell phone +358 400 794 856, e-mail jarkko.mattila(at)


The Supi range for saunas and spas

Effect surfaces for interior walls

Valtti products for wooden structures

ClimateCooler solar-reflection coating

Drytech Functional Coatings

Design floors

Industrial paints and coatings 

THE BIG 5 International Building & Construction Showdue to be held in Dubai World Trade Centre on November 21–24, 2016, is the largest construction event in the Middle East with over 3,100 exhibitors from over 140