How a smoking room turns into a glowing showroom?


A boring and uninspiring smoking room is today the most stylish showroom at AS Tikkurila’s training center in Tallinn, Estonia. This metamorphosis is the creation of Tarmo Mooste, a big fan of science fiction, especially scifi movies. One day he got the idea of transferring his experiences to painted surfaces and the end result is exciting to say the least.

By profession, Tarmo is a sales representative for professional customers, but also an expert in design floors. He wanted to try how Temafloor 210 Clear lacquer would function with a luminous powder, but soon realized that, however amazing the floor would be, it would lose part of its effect, if the walls and the ceiling were not at the same “level”. So Tarmo decided to design the whole room at the same time to achieve as strong an impact as possible. His main idea was a disco bar from the future, inspired by the Disney movie Tron Legacy from 2010.

Six months' project

Tarmo Mooste says he started the project in December 2014 by making different sketches with Photoshop. "Finally, all the pieces came together, and I talked about my thoughts to Rymas Herman, sales director. He instantly agreed and suggested that Optiva Ceramic Super Matt 3, which was launched in March by Tikkurila Poland, should be used on the walls and the ceiling. I got Ivar Tomperk, our technical consultant, to assist me in the practical work."

All the originally white, painted walls and the ceiling were first painted with Kattomusta, a black, full-matt acrylate latex paint. The effect wall-to-be was covered with two layers of Tikkurila's water-borne Taika Glow special lacquer that glows in the dark. The glowing effect is maintained for up to six hours, but the lacquer requires a sufficiently powerful light intake before dark.

The desired figures on the effect wall were created using tapes. The more accurate the work you do here, the better the end result. All the walls and the ceiling were then painted once with black Optiva Ceramic Super Matt 3 (shade: TVT 0202). The painted surface gives a distinctive color depth and anti-reflective, deep matte finish – the same regardless of the viewing angle. Finally, the tapes were carefully removed.

The old gray tiled floor was primed with two coats of Temafloor 200 solvent-free epoxy lacquer tinted white. A 1mm coat of Temafloor P 300 solvent-free epoxy coating was then applied, shade light green RAL 230-1. The top lacquer, a 1mm coat of solvent-free Temafloor 210 Clear, contains a 15–20% of weight addition of glow powder, giving its impact to the glowing room. Letters cut from stainless steel were glued on the floor to form the citation from the Tron Legacy film: "I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see and then one day I got in."

The ventilation holes in the ceiling were painted using green Temadur 90 and black Temadur 20 with a 15% addition of Temamatt Matting Paste. The small window opposite the effect wall has been covered with a thick, black curtain.

LEDs bring the room alive

The futuristic bar comes alive and starts glowing with the right kind of lighting. There is a UV LED strip along the edges of the floor and LED lamps in the ventilation holes. To increase the effect, the front wall was fitted with UV LED 4 PCI lights, and behind the vent cupboard there are UV LED strips. The general lights are halogens. The room glows in the dark after a sufficient intake of light either from the sun or UV LEDs, but it also glows with the LED and halogen lights on.

“I hope that this idea of mine and its implementation will inspire designers and painters to experiment freely and wildly with paints and coatings,” says Tarmo Mooste. "Very careful planning and even more careful implementation are the keys to a successful end result. If you don’t succeed the first time, you can always paint over and start again!"

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