Guidelines for the Annual General Meeting of Tikkurila


Tikkurila Oyj, Investor News, March 16, 2020 at 15.45 (EET)

Tikkurila has decided on preventive measures to reduce the risk of the spread of the coronavirus at the Tikkurila Annual General Meeting (AGM), scheduled for Tuesday, March 24, at 10 am. Instead of attending the meeting in person, we recommend shareholders to follow the meeting via webcast.

Meeting arrangements have been modified to maximize the security of the participants:

  • We recommend shareholders to follow the meeting by webcast instead of attending in person
  • The duration of the AGM will be kept to a minimum, mainly covering the legal requirements of the general meeting
  • The attendance of the Board of Directors, the Management Team and other staff is limited to a minimum
  • The seating arrangements at the venue have been changed to minimize the risk of infection
  • There will be no catering
  • We ask all participants to ensure good hand hygiene

Latest instructions are always available at:

Follow the meeting via video

  • You can follow the meeting via webcast at (The meeting is held in Finnish)
  • Note! A shareholder participating in the webcast is not considered to have attended the Annual general meeting. It is not possible to ask questions or vote through the live webcast

Power of attorney

Tikkurila recommends that all shareholders who have symptoms of illness, or who are considered to be part of the risk group, to consider not attending to the meeting venue and authorizing another person to represent them at the meeting. Tikkurila also recommends all other shareholders to follow the meeting via webcast.

A shareholder may participate in the AGM and exercise his/her rights at the meeting by way of proxy representation.

  • By authorizing a proxy
  • Alternatively, shareholders can use a representative appointed by Tikkurila, namely Tikkurila’s Chief Legal Counsel, Sanna Lehti. A Power of Attorney template can be found at If you are not using the template, please make sure that your Power of Attorney has the same content as the template. Please note that you must provide in the Power of Attorney a valid telephone number from which you can be reached so that we can verify authenticity of the Power of Attorney, and that the Power of Attorney must be delivered by e-mail ( or at Tikkurila’s headquarters (Tikkurila Oyj, AGM, Lotta Mustamo, Heidehofintie 2, FI-01300 Vantaa, Finland) no later than 2:00 p.m. (EET) on March 20, 2020.

Tikkurila continues to follow the development related to coronavirus and estimates whether further precautionary measures would be required in order to ensure a safe environment both for the employees and the shareholders.

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