Blue universe – Trend Analyst Nina Bruun explores cold and warm shades in December

Danish award-winning trend analyst Nina Bruun's monthly color collage blends blue hues. Her visual mood boards consist of interesting surfaces, completed with Tikkurila and Beckers color codes.


Color Journal No 10: Blue

”Blue is such an interesting color with a great deal of diversity. We all know the color from more basic settings such as the shirt of a businessman or the darker nuance from a classic suit. Trough many years we’ve seen the Yves Klein blue, which has been used a lot - often applied with other colors for contrast and signal value. There is no reason to be afraid that blue is boring. Instead, it’s possible to create a unique universe with a mixture of nuances. By working with warm and cold nuances, or the interplay between the strong and the more downplayed blue, you can create an endless amount of expressions. A way to play with this color is to combine one version of blue on the wall with another nuance on an essential piece of furniture. Through the darker nuances it’s possible to create a cozy cave-like atmosphere, which is perfect for this time of the year.”

- Nina Bruun, Trend Analyst

Get inspired by the color codes

Tikkurila colors: Y354, M354, J356 and L433

Beckers colors: Blåmes 770, Sundborn 743, Akvamarin 744 and Påfågelblå 745

The former design manager of Muuto, Bruun’s has published these color collages monthly both in her own Instragram account @nina_bruun with hashtag #tikkurilacolorjournal in 2018. At the end of the year, her mini reports will be combined into a full-year trend summary.

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