Alcro’s new A1 paint is the next step in Tikkurila Group’s journey towards a more sustainable paint industry

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Alcro’s new A1 paint is the next step in Tikkurila Group’s journey towards a more sustainable paint industry

Alcro’s A1 paint marks a new chapter in creating more sustainable solutions. A third (30%*) of the raw materials that usually are fossil-based have been replaced with bio-based ingredients.


Alcro, one of Tikkurila Group’s well-known paint brands, launches A1, a new eco-labeled interior wall paint in Sweden. A1 is a product that reflects an innovative and more sustainable facet of the paint industry. Low-emission and fast drying, the paint has been granted the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and it is recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy association.

“We are very pleased to present Alcro A1, a wall paint with bio-based ingredients. We see this as the first step on our journey towards the future of colors,” says Henrik Sundborg, Alcro’s Product Manager of Indoor paints.

In the A1, the binder—that give the paint its important properties, such as wear-resistance and cleanability—has partly been replaced with plant-based ingredients. The usage of plant-based binders doesn’t detract from the paint’s quality – the quality and technical performance of A1 meet Tikkurila’s high standards and fulfill the product criteria set by the third-party. Both the paint and its package have been designed with the environment in mind: the packaging utilizes industrial recycled plastics, thus cutting its impact on our planet.  

On a journey towards a sustainable future

Tikkurila Group has been on a journey towards a more sustainable future for decades. A pioneer of durable and safe painting, surface treatment and use of colors, Tikkurila is committed to making concrete measures to ensure that the solutions it produces and offers to its customers are increasingly sustainable. The aim is to launch products with bio-based ingredients on other markets as well.

Alcro’s A1 joins the group’s 300 products that have been awarded an international or national eco-label, allergy and asthma label or M1 classification ensuring low emissions. 

* Based on the ASTM 6866 method

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