Tikkurila is helping its customer in the German winemaking business to meet strict sustainability requirements

08.05.2017 08:59

Already for generations, sustainability has been a key requirement in viticulture and oenology. High quality winemaking is also setting strict sustainability requirements – especially for wine cellars.

BioRid BioWash

DLR Rheinhessen-Nahe-Hunsrück is a municipal authority and service center responsible for the rural development of the Rheinhessen-Nahe-Hunsrück area in Germany. DLR operates under the German Ministry of Environment, Agriculture, Food, Wine and Forestry. The tasks of the authority include education of and support for young farmers and winemakers, improving agricultural production conditions in the area and the promotion of regional development.

- Rheinhessen is a known wine region in south-west of Germany. It is the largest of 13 German wine regions. The Rheinhessen region is dedicated to quality wines, and has the most organic winegrowers in Germany, explains Bernhard Degünther from DLR.

Within winemaking in Rheinhessen, the sustainability focus areas are soil diversity and increasingly sustainable, organic and even biodynamic vineyard practices, which include, for instance, the efficient use of energy and water.

Challenges with mold

DLR is running a governmental viniculture institute in Oppenheim, where they offer education, premises and sustainability advice to organic farmers and winemakers in the area, among others.

The operating rooms built in 1986 for wine production are located in the basement of the institute. The rooms for tanks and wooden barrels have faced problems with mold and humidity.
Degünther tells that, even though the basement rooms are equipped with ventilation systems, they have had severe mold problems. The mold spots were visible, especially on the ceilings and higher up the walls as well as behind the tanks.

- We needed to solve this problem, and got interested in Tikkurila’s BioRid solutions for mold protection and humidity control. Based on thorough test results of five different product applications, we decided to go forward with Tikkurila’s Biorid functional solution.

Altogether 400 m2 of walls and ceilings were firstly cleaned with Tikkurila BioWash, a cleaning detergent for removing mold. After the surfaces were completely dry, the walls and ceilings were coated with Tikkurila BioRid, a water-borne functional coating for mold protection and humidity control.

- The product has fulfilled our needs and requirements. BioRid really eliminates moisture and keeps the surfaces dry. No mold contamination has occurred after using Tikkurila’s solutions.

- After our positive experiences, we have decided to recommend Tikkurila’s BioRid and BioWash in the authority’s official advice on mold control, concludes Degünther.

Bernhard Degünther DLR

Bernhard Degünther has a long experience in viticulture and oenology. He is working as a cellar business consultant at DLR (Dienstleistungszentrum Ländlicher Raum). His duties include teaching students and holding seminars, and he is also active in the development and technical advice regarding wine cellars.

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