Seeing the world with the eyes of a child

05.12.2016 15:39

"Stop for a moment in the middle of your busy routines and try to look at the surrounding world through the eyes of a child. Can you see all the different colors?"

Tikkurila have continued its mural projects in Dębica, where the company's Polish factory is located. Also in Poland, murals are increasingly becoming a means of artistic expression and a socially important activity.


Tikkurila Polska mural 2016

A poetic mural—a girl with a dandelion in her hand—reminds citizens of a warm spring day.


In 2014, Tikkurila realized its first mural on the facade of a residential house. With these projects, Tikkurila wants to promote its products, but also bring sustainable beauty to the community and point out the importance of colors as part of our everyday life.

The decision to choose images of children as a leitmotif was not a random choice.  With the murals, the inhabitants of Dębica are encouraged to slow down for a moment and try to look at the surrounding world through the eyes of a child: eyes that can see the magic and colors where, very often, adults see grey routine.

Tikkurila Polska mural 2016
Tikkurila Polska mural 2015

The 2016 mural

The 2014 mural

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