Less is more – packaging material producer building a sustainable future

10.03.2017 10:10

Tikkurila’s cooperation partner Emballator Lagan Plast is constantly working on ways to cut down loss and waste generated from production and supply chain to improve the sustainability of the paint packaging.

Together with Tikkurila, they are developing a packaging concept of the future to focus on the customer experience and feelings.

Considering the total life cycle of a product and its packaging is a trend that is not about to pass. Richard Johansson, Marketing and Sales Manager of Emballator Lagan Plast, tells that today’s customers know to demand for environmentally friendly products.

– On every single step from raw material to recycling the product we should take into consideration individual people, society, safety and health issues.

Lagan Plast has three focus areas regarding sustainability: supporting society and education, being able to provide their employees good jobs now and for future generation and serving customers with sustainable packaging solutions.

– We are also developing with the idea of universal design which takes disabilities into consideration for a user-friendly product. Packages should be easy to use even with disabilities or health problems.

Focus on cutting down scraps and energy use

Cutting down energy usage makes the products optimized in terms of money, time and environment.

– We want to provide good performance in the packaging while using less energy. Today, we use nearly the same amount of energy as a few years ago to produce much larger quantities of products.

Quantity is not, however, everything. Lagan Plast works on cutting down the scraps, which is not an easy task.

– Packaging is part of the brand. The visual design of packaging changes often more than twice a year. Being unique is important in the market, so quick changes have to be possible on the packaging as well. We try to keep only a small stock and short lead times so that we do not end up with excess material if something changes.

Paint pails require specific materials

Lagan Plast works tightly with Tikkurila to prevent scraps and to simplify their supply chain step by step.

– Simplifying the supply chain helps to reduce the amount of unnecessary ready made products. It is waste of energy and money if we have a lot of surplus.

For Tikkurila, Lagan Plast produces plastic cans and lids.

– The paint recipes must be taken into consideration when designing paint packaging. Sometimes there can be some solvents in paint where you still need to use metal. We are working on to develop a solution so that one day we could use plastic also with solvent based paints.

Tikkurila and Lagan Plast have together developed a new packaging concept, a hybrid lid for paint, which combines the use of plastic and metal in the lid.

– We are constantly discussing with Tikkurila about the packaging concepts for the future. We both want to be in front of the development.

Richard JohanssonRichard Johansson is working as Sales and Marketing Manager at Emballator Lagan Plast. Johansson wants to be involved in developing new functional products that can make a difference in the packaging industry. He is the contact person for Tikkurila at Emballator Lagan Plast. The collaboration with Tikkurila and Lagan Plast began already in 1973.

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