History of acquisitions and divestments. In the 21st century, Tikkurila has completed the following significant acquisitions and divestments:
Year Acquisition/divestment Company/business Revenue
2018 Divestment Business operations in Germany EUR 7 million
2017 Divestment Subsidiaries in Serbia and Macedonia  EUR 13 million
2016 Divestment Subsidiaries in Ukraine and Belarus EUR 12 million
2014 Acquisition ISO Paint Nordic A/S in Denmark EUR 7.5 million
2014 Acquisition KEFA Drytech AB in Sweden EUR 2 million
2012 Divestment Subsidiaries in Hungary, Czech Republic,  
Slovakia and Romania
EUR 13 million
2011 Acquisition Business operations of Zorka Color, a Serbian paint company EUR 16 million
2011 Divestment Two retail stores in Sweden EUR 7 million
2011 Divestment OOO Tikkurila Powder Coatings EUR 2 million
2007 Acquisition OOO Gamma Industrial Coatings and   
OOO Tikkurila Powder Coatings 
(Dickursby Holding AB)
EUR 10 million
2006 Acquisition Russian Kraski Teks EUR 80 million
2001 Acquisition Swedish Alcro-Beckers AB EUR 190 million
2000 Divestment Tinting business (CPS Color) EUR 130 million