Under the Articles of Association, the Annual General Meeting elects an auditing firm as the Company’s auditor. The auditing firm appoints the Principal Auditor, who is an Authorised Public Accountant certified by the Central Chamber of Commerce.

The auditor’s term of office continues until the next Annual General Meeting after the Auditor’s election. The 2017 Annual General Meeting elected KPMG Oy Ab as the company’s auditor, with Toni Aaltonen, Authorised Public Accountant, acting as the Principal Auditor. 

In 2017, Tikkurila Group companies paid auditing fees totaling EUR 433,000 to KPMG. In addition, a total of EUR 47,000 was paid as fees for other services from KPMG. During the financial year 2017, the Group companies employed additional audit services from audit companies other than KPMG to a total value of EUR 26,000.