Tikkurila code of conduct (”house rules”)

Tikkurila House Rules outline the fundamental requirements for how we do business. Together with other company policies, procedures and guidelines they facilitate good housekeeping. The House Rules outline what we consider appropriate behavior and how we should treat each other, and the people we interact with. They build common culture and ensure safe an equal working environment. Our values, Professional, Trustworthy and Innovative, are the foundation for Tikkurila’s House Rules. Every Tikkurila employee and company representative as well as every business partner is expected to act in accordance with Tikkurila House Rules. Additionally, Tikkurila’s Supplier Code of Conduct communicates our ethical and sustainability requirements to our suppliers and sub-contractors.

The House Rules consist of ten key requirements for lawful and ethical business conduct:


We continually comply with the laws and regulations. We strive to meet ethical business standards leading to fair, transparent and responsible business conduct. We expect our business partners to share our commitment to the same high standards. Furthermore, we follow the policies and guidelines in force at Tikkurila.  We understand that not knowing the law does not provide an excuse to breach the law or Tikkurila-specific policies and guidelines. If we do not know the right way to act, we have the duty to find out.

House Rule No. 2: “WE COMPETE FAIRLY”

We comply with competition laws and regulations, including fair business practices. We support efficient competition and refuse to enter into forbidden understandings or agreements on prices, terms of sale, division of markets, or allocation of customers. It is strictly forbidden to exchange information on e.g. price, cost structures, production capacity, sale conditions, product or marketing plans, customers, or other commercially sensitive matters with our competitors. When participating in industry associations’ meetings, we are not allowed to discuss any sensitive information with our competitors.  We do not engage in unfair or misleading marketing practices meant to confuse customers about the source of our products, such as trademark infringement or disseminating false information. Everything we communicate to our partners and customers must be truthful, including our product information, advertising and other communication.


We safeguard Tikkurila’s physical and non-physical assets and treat them with care. We keep assets safe from loss and do not allow unauthorised access to them. We will not use funds or assets illegally, for gaining personal benefit, or for any other improper purpose. We handle confidential information with care

and share it only with those who have the right to access the information and need it for their work.  What is said in the above paragraph applies equally to our suppliers’ and customers’ funds, assets and information when trusted in our possession. If we get access to information that we should not have access to, we do not use it for our benefit, nor disclose it to anyone, but report the incident.  When it is necessary to communicate confidential or company proprietary information to any external party, we will do so only after a confidentiality agreement has been signed.

House Rule No. 4: “WE VALUE OUR PEOPLE”

We build our success on inspired and motivated employees and strive for a safe, fair and healthy working environment. We develop secure working procedures and follow them in our everyday work. Safety at work is our common responsibility. Our target is zero workplace incidents.  We respect the principles of equal opportunity and equal treatment. We do not discriminate based on any ground.   We treat each other with respect and understand the value of diversity. We are responsible for creating and maintaining a working environment that is free from harassment and other inappropriate behaviour. 


We do not accept corruption or bribes in any form, including facilitation payments to authorities, inappropriate gifts, hospitality, or favours. We compete fairly with the quality and the price of our innovative products, not by influencing others to make business decisions by offering improper benefits. Neither are we permitted to demand or accept personal benefits to ourselves.  We may accept gifts and entertainment which are in line with customary business hospitality and when the hospitality supports a clear business objective and is accurately recorded, of reasonable value, and appropriate to the nature of the business relationship.  We do not accept, ask or provide gifts in the form of cash or cash equivalents.  Our objective is to conduct business with reputable business partners who are involved in lawful business activities only and whose funds are derived from legitimate sources. We will be attentive and report suspicious transactions. We must follow all accounting, record-keeping and financial reporting requirements applicable to payments we make and receive.


We act in the best interest of Tikkurila. This means we do not allow personal interests or benefits to influence our decision-making in business whereby our personal interest is, or appears to be, in conflict with the interest of Tikkurila. We avoid, or seek prior permission for, professional engagements outside Tikkurila which may adversely impact our ability to fulfil our duties at Tikkurila. We must not allow close personal relationships influence our professional judgement while we represent Tikkurila in business matters.  We must report any situation that gives rise to a conflict of interest or that may give the appearance of a conflict of interest. The same applies to any other personal arrangement that could interfere with Tikkurila’s business.


We put Customer First and want to maintain our customers’ trust. Therefore product quality and safety are of utmost importance to us. We must ensure that our products meet or exceed our own internal standards, as well as the standards set by laws, regulations and our industry. We promote economic, environmental, social and ethical aspects throughout our value chain. These aspects are considered in various phases, including innovation, research and development, and during sourcing and manufacturing our products and solutions, including packaging. We continuously evaluate and introduce more sustainable raw materials for our production.  We respect and comply with internationally acknowledged human rights. We do not use and we insist that our business partners refrain from using any forced labour or child labour. Tikkurila’s Supplier Code of Conduct communicates our ethical and sustainability requirements to our suppliers and sub-contractors.

House Rule No. 8: “WE THINK BEFORE WE ACT”

We want to be known as business professionals who are transparent, considerate and make well-grounded decisions. At times, we might be faced with situations where we are unsure of what to do. If we are in doubt, we have the duty to stop and think. We need to be honest to ourselves and others about the real reasons behind our actions and their consequences.   When it is unclear if a certain action is acceptable to proceed with, we should ask ourselves: Am I acting according to Tikkurila House Rules? Will my action benefit Tikkurila and reflect well on me? Is my action something I would feel comfortable to talk publicly about or share at work? If the answer to any of these questions is “no”, we must not act. We must seek for advice and consider the dilemma with our manage


We understand that breaching the House Rules can put our business, colleagues and external partners at risk.  We have a duty to report without delay any suspected violations of the House Rules to our manager or to the head of the respective function or department, especially the Legal or the HR function. We can report in confidence and will not suffer any adverse consequences for reporting a violation in good faith. We can also report by using Tikkurila’s whistleblowing system Compliance Questions. This reporting service is run by an independent third party, and it is available 24/7. All reported issues are treated confidentially, to the extent provided by law. We will not retaliate against each other for reporting an integrity concern. All reported violations will be investigated and resolved appropriately. We acknowledge and accept that breaching the House Rules may lead to a disciplinary action, including termination of employment. Any suspected criminal activity will be reported to the police authorities


All Tikkurila employees are expected to regularly participate in trainings related to the House Rules. All managers are expected to uphold and monitor compliance with the House Rules in the daily work.  We set an example to others by knowing, acting according to and referring to the House Rules. We expect correct business behaviour from our team members and make it easy to report anything which could breach these House Rules. We have a low threshold for listening and an open door policy.  Most importantly; we must never ignore violations. We show keen interest to keep Tikkurila compliant and in premium condition. In any matter relating to the House Rules, we seek for advice and raise potential concerns with our managers, the Legal function, or the HR function.

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