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A premium brand offering water-borne and solventborne products for consumers, professionals and industrial users.

The Tikkurila brand drives sustainable beauty and acts as your inspirational guide. Tikkurila offers individual solutions, from ideas to a successful end result – you’ll never walk alone.

Established in 1862.




















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05.12.2016 Seeing the world with the eyes of a child

"Stop for a moment in the middle of your busy routines and try to look at the surrounding world through the eyes of a child. Can you see all the different colors?"

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02.12.2016 Interior decoration in China with a Virtual Reality system

Tikkurila China is piloting a new solution for consumers to choose their favorite colors in a creative way. To create the desired style and interior decoration for their homes, customers can choose from apartments of several different styles, change the colors of the walls, choose different painting effects and furniture.

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13.10.2016 UPEA16 street art festival creates vibrant colors in Finnish autumn cities

Beautiful murals were painted with Tikkurila's paints in seven cities in Finland.

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21.04.2016 Tikkurila’s new Valtti Plus products deliver superior weather-resistance

Tikkurila has launched a new-generation wood stain, Valtti Plus Kesto, whose new binder guarantees maintenance intervals that are twice as long as with traditional stains for wood façades.

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11.08.2015 Tikkurila creates a dream home in a housing block awaiting demolition

Tikkurila is one of the main partners of the first ever Our House Festival for Suburbia, to be held on August 8–15 in Vantaa, Finland.

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22.05.2015 Festival brought urban jungle feel to the streets

At the Arabia Street Festival in Helsinki, an eight meters high mural depicting the Arabia district was painted to the facade of an apartment building.

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04.05.2015 Tikkurila to partner with Vallila

Tikkurila and Vallila Interior will start a partnership, which will make it easier for consumers to select matching wall colors and Vallila curtain designs to create harmonious interiors.

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28.04.2015 Tikkurila to launch a Swan eco-labeled coating system for industrially primed panel

The Swan eco-label awarded to Tikkurila's industrial coating is a concrete indication that it is possible to develop industrial coatings that meet sustainability standards without compromising functionality or quality.

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15.04.2015 Tikkurila is looking for new business partners in co-operation with Tekes

Tikkurila Oyj declares a matchmaking program for start-up companies as well as for small and medium-sized companies looking for growth.

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07.04.2015 Finland's largest public work of street art plays with colors

The renovated train station in Myyrmäki in Vantaa is completely transformed – the station now features the biggest work of street art ever done in a public space in Finland.

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