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is the leading decorative paint brand for consumers on the Swedish market. Beckers products are also distributed throughout Scandinavia as well as in Eastern Europe.

Established in 1865.

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Introducing Beckers’ Elegant wall paint in anything but a round package... 27.01.2016

The latest innovation comes from Sweden from Beckers who offer paint in a new, environmentally friendly package with a screw-on cap. The new packaging needs less than 70 percent of the packaging material compared to a normal paint can and is easy to use.

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Tikkurila to launch a Swan eco-labeled coating system for industrially primed panel 28.04.2015

The Swan eco-label awarded to Tikkurila's industrial coating is a concrete indication that it is possible to develop industrial coatings that meet sustainability standards without compromising functionality or quality.

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Beckers Scotte products awarded for package design 10.09.2013

The paint can design of Beckers Scotte products sold by Tikkurila AB has won a prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

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