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Strong brands

Tikkurila actively markets its products to retailers, consumers, painting contractors, industrial users and other core actors. Selling of paints is consultative, which emphasizes the importance of both sales and strong brands. Paint brands are typically regional. Tikkurila has two international strategic brands: Tikkurila and Beckers. In addition, Tikkurila has several strategic and tactical regional and local brands.

International strategic brands

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Beckers logo


Regional or local strategic brands

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Zorka Color


Regional or local tactical  brands

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Polifarb Debica


Latest brand news

Color chemistry – Tikkurila’s RDI teams create a colorful tomorrow 19.04.2017

The planning and development of paint and surface treatment products is carried out by young, promising researchers who create products that are a more responsible choice every day.

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Megatrends direct the changes in the paint business – this is how the field is changing 09.04.2017

Tikkurila’s research, development and innovation move with the megatrends. In the next 30 years, we will see renewable raw materials enter the field due to a scarcity of resources, diminishing natural resources, and climate change. With new kinds of paint components, the carbon footprint of paint can be halved.

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Less is more – packaging material producer building a sustainable future 10.03.2017

Tikkurila’s cooperation partner Emballator Lagan Plast is constantly working on ways to cut down loss and waste generated from production and supply chain to improve the sustainability of the paint packaging.

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Seeing the world with the eyes of a child 05.12.2016

"Stop for a moment in the middle of your busy routines and try to look at the surrounding world through the eyes of a child. Can you see all the different colors?"

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Interior decoration in China with a Virtual Reality system 02.12.2016

Tikkurila China is piloting a new solution for consumers to choose their favorite colors in a creative way. The Virtual Reality (VR) system is a technology providing a new way to experience and decorate apartments.

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Sustainable beauty in Estonia with leftover paints 14.11.2016

Every painter knows that after a painting project there is quite often some paint left over. The usual way is to store it for the next painting project. Instead of storing the paint at home or disposing it, one very kind and socially responsible way is to utilize the consumers' leftover paints in various community projects.

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UPEA16 street art festival creates vibrant colors in Finnish autumn cities 13.10.2016

Beautiful murals were painted with Tikkurila's paints in seven cities in Finland.

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We are launching Paint Fund in Sweden 17.05.2016

As part of our work within social responsibility and as a responsible actor in the community, we are now launching an initiative in Sweden that gives the general public the opportunity to realize socially beneficial painting projects. We call it the Paint Fund (Färgfonden).

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