supply chain

The objective of the supply chain is to produce high-quality products from the raw materials and deliver them to the customer in an efficient and safe manner.

The most important task of Tikkurila’s supply chain is to keep customers satisfied with high-quality products and correct deliveries completed on schedule. The supply chain is responsible for planning demand, sourcing and procuring raw materials and packaging materials, production and logistics. In addition, the supply chain is also actively involved in the procurement of other products and services needed in Tikkurila’s operations.

Tikkurila has operations in 14 countries with 12 production plants and 25 distribution centers. Half of Tikkurila’s personnel work in different parts of the supply chain.

Tikkurila’s main raw materials are pigments, binders, solvents and additives. The prices of raw materials and packaging materials are largely dependent on the price development of oil, energy and metals. On the group-level, Tikkurila has approximately 500 local and international raw material and packaging material suppliers. In general, Tikkurila seeks to have at least two sources for the purchase of each raw material. Raw materials play a central role in paint manufacturers' operations.

Tikkurila produces almost all paints itself, with the exception of e.g. China, where Tikkurila has minor contract manufacturing. Tikkurila delivers its products to customers by road and railroad transportation.

Tikkurila locations

Tikkurila map

Tikkurila has 12 production facilities in nine countries.