Research & Development

Tikkurila RD 1The main target for our R&D function is to support business by developing new products, by creating new business opportunities, and by renewing existing products. This continuous development of the product portfolio is essential for keeping Tikkurila competitive and for meeting the changing needs of customers. It also helps Tikkurila comply with the increasingly stringent safety and environmental standards.

Besides the R&D Center in Vantaa, Finland, we have major local R&D units in Stockholm, Sweden; Debica, Poland and St. Petersburg, Russia.

Our general areas of competence include:

  • Development of new paints and coatings and concepts for decorative/architectural purposes and for industrial applications
  • Development of tinting systems.

At all of our production sites, a site laboratory takes care of the localization of products. This ensures that our R&D is close to the local markets and customers, and able to work in cooperation with our sales, marketing and supply chain.

There are several Group-level functions at the Vantaa R&D center for coordinating research projects, for sharing special knowledge and for supporting all Tikkurila Group companies. These functions include R&D support for subsidiaries, analytical and microbiological services, product safety and information services.


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