Tikkurila has three core premium brands: Tikkurila, Alcro and Beckers in decorative paints. In addition, Tikkurila has several local brands.



Tikkurila logo

A premium brand offering water-borne and solventborne products for consumers, professionals and industrial users.

The Tikkurila brand drives sustainable beauty and acts as your inspirational guide. Tikkurila offers individual solutions, from ideas to a successful end result – you’ll never walk alone.

Established in 1862.



Alcro logo


A premium brand providing only water-borne products for consumers and professionals. Alcro products are extensively eco-labeled. 

Alcro acts together with professional painters and designers to drive the development of how paint can be used in order to create modern environments and solutions. By choosing Alcro, you show that you are competent and conscious.

Established in 1906.



Beckers logo


Beckers is the leading decorative paint brand for consumers on the Swedish market.

Beckers products are also distributed throughout Scandinavia as well as in Eastern Europe.

Established in 1865. 

Tikkurila uses Beckers brand only in decorative paints in Scandinavia and some European countries. 

Other brands

Tikkurila has many local brands. Each brand is typically targeted at a certain customer segment.



A medium, good-quality paint brand offering a wide assortment of both water-borne and solvent-borne paint products for consumers and professionals.

The Vivacolor brand stands for user-friendly products, long-lasting results and simple solutions. As Vivacolor believes that you can be an artist of your life, the brand's mission is to supply the tools so you can start making your dreams real. Color your dreams - Easily.

Established in 1995.








Jedynka is a local decorative paint brand in Poland. The Jedynka- family of paints with proven quality is easy and efficient to use, giving reliable results.

Established in 1999.




A value-for-money brand, which aims at making the world around you more comfortable and beautiful. By choosing the leading Russian brand, you get products with an optimal ratio of price-quality.

Established in 1995.



Finncolor is a local decorative paint brand in Russia. Finncolor paints are used for construction and repair work.

Established in 1996.