Meet our pioneers of colour: “Colours are a link to our memory lane”

There’s no need to be afraid of colours or too cautious about using them, says our marketing director Svea Paju.


Svea Paju is responsible for Tikkurila premium brands marketing. We asked Svea about her work with the Tikkurila brand and her relation with colours. 

“I experience colours as emotions and like to surround myself with colours that I feel comfortable with. Colours are a way to express my personality and mood. Often the colours are somehow linked to your memory lane: maybe it’s a colour in a piece of furniture, your childhood home or your wedding dress. Those colours and memories stick."

For a sustainable future

"My work is very much connected to colours since my team is responsible for colour marketing, and we take care of all Tikkurila brand marketing materials.

Svea Paju

The fact that Tikkurila has been growing and evolving for 160 years is derived from the people and their expertise. We have come so far with our mindset: we want to innovate and be there for our customers. Our future is about new, sustainable innovations both in paint and packaging. Sustainability is a theme I’m personally interested in and which is closely connected to my work. Therefore I’m also studying environmental management."

An eye for colours

"I have studied art and painting, but my eyes opened wide for colours only when I joined the company. Working with colour for years has made me think of colours I didn’t even know existed and realise the endless amount of possible colour combinations. A lesson learned is that  I don’t want to be afraid of colours or too cautious about using them.

If Tikkurila was a colour, I would like to see it as all the shades of the colour palette. An inclusive colour scheme covering all our customers and employees.”