Meet our pioneers of colour: “The more you give, the more you get”

A hospital can be a scary place for both children and adults, but colours can make it a little more comfortable. Participating in the construction of the New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki was an amazing experience for our technical development manager Sakari Leimi.

Sakari Leimi


Sakari Leimi’s work is to determine which methods and products are needed to achieve the best results in painting projects. We asked Sakari about his work, favourite colour, and the opportunity to take part in building the New Children’s hospital.

“For me, colour means comfort and thriving in the environment you are in. I work with colour, paint and coatings on a daily basis, and have been a Tikkurila employee since 2001. I think working with colour has left me yearning for it around me. My favourite colour is warm white G503 Calla, though I enjoy using colours in my home as well: red, black and gold, for example.

I’m an engineer by profession but the word also describes my organised character quite well. I thrive when faced with demanding technical tasks and enjoy my work. In practice, I’m supporting the technical planning in construction projects. When the colours and materials are defined, my job is to help to define the technical execution: which products can be used and what is needed to achieve the best possible result."

Case: The New Children’s Hospital

"One of the most meaningful projects I’ve been able to participate in has been the New Children's Hospital in Helsinki, which opened in 2018. Tikkurila donated all the paints, lacquers, coatings and fillers needed in the project, plus the technical guidance and support in planning. A hospital is always a place with specific needs concerning hygiene, and throughout the hospital we used Argentum 20, a hygienic special topcoat with active silver. In patient rooms, we used Magnetic, which allows kids to put up their own drawings and pictures on the walls with magnets.

A hospital can be a scary place for children, and for adults as well. With colour, art and magnetic walls, we have hopefully been able to make the whole place a little less gloomy and a bit more comfortable: not just white, dismal walls."

Charity gives the feeling of meaningfulness

"The New Children’s Hospital was truly an amazing experience. I felt I’m able to contribute to the wellbeing of other people. That makes my work feel meaningful.

Charity work is an important part of my life. That’s why, for the past few years, I’ve taken part in the European charity cycling team, Team Rynkeby, which cycles to Paris yearly to raise money for seriously ill children. We’ve had a few other people joining the team from Tikkurila, and the company has been one of the sponsors of our Finnish team. Last year, our team raised almost a million euros for charity. I’ve noticed that the more you give, the more wellbeing you gain.”