Meet our pioneers of colour: “Colour is a way of communicating”

As colour comes from nature, there is something very intuitive in the ways we use it, says our group training manager Andrei Rakitin.

Andrei Rakitin joined Tikkurila in 2005 as a technical specialist. Now he works in an international role developing our training service, Tikkurila Academy.
“What motivates me is the success of the people who participate in our trainings: be it about sales, marketing or actual painting, it’s our job to help employees and customers achieve the skills needed. My background is in pedagogical studies, and I have a passion for the overall training process.

Most of my working time is about communication with my colleagues in eleven different countries and driving projects with them. I am also responsible for producing centralised training content, such as webinars or e-learning courses, together with colleagues and subject matter experts in different fields."

Andrei Rakitin

The goal is happiness

"Paint is a complicated, chemical product, and achieving the best results requires the right kind of preparations and techniques. We need to make sure that people who use our products have the necessary knowledge for a successful painting work.

In my work, I like to concentrate on the happiness and positivity our products give to people who’ve decided to make their surroundings nicer with paint. The result of my work is happiness, and it’s very motivating.  

Colour is very much linked to my job. Knowledge about colour is essential for everyone working at Tikkurila, and an inseparable part of us.
As colour comes from nature, there is something very intuitive in the ways we use it. For me, colour is a way of communicating. We use colours in our homes, clothes and cars to express ourselves, to tell who we are and what we like. Grass green colour is close to my nature, and it brings calmness to my everyday life.”