Price sensitive information

In its communication, Tikkurila adheres to the guidelines and regulations of the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) and NASDAQ OMX Helsinki and the requirements stipulated in the Finnish Companies Act, Securities Markets Act and other legislation.

Tikkurila discloses all information that may have a material effect on the value of the Company's securities to the stock exchange, the main media and at the corporate web site  without undue delay right after the decision has been made or the information comes to the Company's notice. Information is submitted as simultaneously as possible. Also changes in price sensitive information are disclosed according to the same principles. The disclosure of price sensitive information will be done irrespective whether the information is positive or negative for the Company.

Examples of potentially price sensitive information:
  • Acquisitions or divestitures of business
  • Major investments
  • Changes in strategy
  • Major reorganizations
  • Significant rationalizations, redundancy programs or close-down operations
  • Major incidents on products plants, fires or other accidents
  • Decisions taken by authorities or courts of law
  • Changes in Board of Directors, Tikkurila Management Board and auditors
  • Changes in financial position, forecasts, future outlook and guidance
  • Historical financial performance related to a period where interim report or financial statements bulletin has not yet been published

Tikkurila's Communications and Investor Relations function is responsible for preparing and distributing stock exchange releases of price sensitive information. The disclosures will include details that are required to create a correct picture of the Company's true financial situation and opportunities.

Share price sensitive information is insider information until it is disclosed according to the Company's disclosure principles. If material price sensitive information is accidentally disclosed contrary to regulatory disclosure requirements, a stock exchange release on the issue will be published without undue delay.