Insider rules

Price sensitive information is insider information until it is disclosed according to the Company's disclosure principles.

Tikkurila adheres to the insider rules of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki and to the standards issued by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA). Tikkurila's Legal Function is responsible for managing insider issues including internal instructions, training and administration of the insider registers.

Tikkurila's insiders with the duty to declare include the Board of Directors, the Members of Tikkurila's Management Board and the auditor. In addition, Tikkurila has in-house registers for permanent company-specific insiders and for project-specific insiders.

Tikkurila’s permanent insiders may not trade the Company's securities during the period that starts at the end of a reporting period and lasts until the publication of the following interim report or financial statement bulletin (closed window). The period shall cover at least 14 days.