SBU East

SBU East business in brief


Operating area

  • Operating area: Russia, Central Asian countries, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Macedonia, and China. Furthermore, this SBU is responsible for the exports to approximately 20 countries.

  • Production sites: St. Petersburg (3) and Stary Oskol, Russia; Kiev, Ukraine; Sabac, Serbia

  • Largest market: Russia (revenue EUR 204 million in 2013, 31% of Group)

Key figures 2013 (EUR million)

  • Revenue: 264.4
  • Operating profit*: 24.7
  • Operating profit*, %: 9.3%
  • Operating profit: 24.1
  • Personnel: 1,565

*excl. non-recurring items


Market position

  • The leading supplier of decorative paints in Russia with a market share of approximately 17% (volume)

Russian paint market

  • The value of the Russian paint market approximately EUR 1.5 billion

  • Paint consumption per capita approximately 4–7 liters, depending on the country

  • The average yearly volume growth of the Russian decorative paints market approximately 6% between 2004–2013

Demand structure

  • Economy price and quality category products

  • Premium price and quality category products expected to rise the fastest along with improving standards of living and higher quality standards


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Distribution channels

  • Deco: DIY retailers, independent retailers, wholesalers

  • Industry: direct sales, Temaspeed


  • AkzoNobel, Lakra-Sintez, Empils, ABC-Farben, Meffert, Caparol, a large number of local suppliers